Privacy policy

In order for Engauge's service to function fully, some data is stored regarding your Discord server and you, as a Discord user. However, we are committed to protecting your privacy, and as such, your data will not be shared. As of now, we will not ask to share your data with any third parties, but this could change if we decide to expand the horizons of our service.

Information collected

When you use Engauge, we collect information about you, your Discord server, and your Discord server's members.


When you login to Engauge's service using your Discord account, we do not store any information about you or your account. Rather, we store an OAuth2 authorization token to ensure we are able to contact Discord to receive information about your account. You can remove Engauge's connection to Discord at any time through the Authorized Apps tab in your Discord client's settings.

Your Discord server

In order for Engauge to work, basic information is stored about your Discord server. This includes its name, its icon (if any), its member count, and its snowflake identifier. When using Engauge's dashboard, more information is fetched in real time using your account authorization, but this information is not stored, and as such, removing Engauge from your Authorized Apps will remove any trace of extra information.

Your Discord server's members

When a member on your Discord server engages with your Discord server, information is automatically stored regarding them. This includes their nickname or name (whichever is available), their avatar, and their snowflake identifier. Engauge DOES NOT store messages. Engauge only counts messages and records the number of minutes members are active in voice channels. No information is retrieved about members that you cannot see from the Leaderboard.

Use of collected information

Engauge uses this collected information for its logic in recording data, as well as displaying information on its website.


By using Engauge's service, you accept that this information is stored about you, your Discord server, and your Discord server's members. If you do not agree with this condition, please remove Engauge from your server immediately. Engauge will remove all data about your Discord server if you kick it from your server. Moreover, you agree that you are liable for any legal issues members may arise in your Discord server if they do not agree to these privacy terms.

If you have more questions about how we store information (as well as your privacy), please contact us in our support server or at my email.