Engauge Premium

Support Engauge's development with a few nice benefits


Normal access to Engauge

Server leaderboards
Role rewards
Crate drops
Access to all features
A big thanks from the Engauge Team
Limited cosmetic configuration of servers/profiles
Delayed access to major features


Special benefits to Engauge

Server leaderboards with configurable appearances/layouts*
Role rewards
Crate drops
Access to all features
Early access to major features
Extended customization to profiles/leaderboards*
Boosted XP gain in global levels*
A cool badge on your profile
An even bigger thanks from the Engauge Team

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Premium Members
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Premium FAQ

Why Premium?

By purchasing Premium, you are entitling yourself to a few nice benefits to Engauge. More importantly, Premium serves as a way for you to share your appreciation for Engauge with the developers, and helps us keep Engauge running.

How do I get it?

Engauge runs its Premium service through Patreon.

How often do I get billed?

Due to how Patreon handles monthly subscriptions, you will be billed once at the start of your subscription, and on the first of each month thereafter. Engauge takes this into consideration, so you will receive a full month for each time you are billed, even if you cancel mid-way through. Moreover, you are given two extra days of lenience when you subscribe, so if your payments don't process, you have some lee-way.

When do I get my benefits?

After subscribing to Premium, come back to this page and click the Link Patreon button. This will allow you to link your Patreon account to your Engauge account. If all goes as planned, you will have Premium activated on your account!

What if something goes wrong?

If you have any issues with payment, activation, or Premium in general, please get in contact with us on the support server. We will be glad to help sort things out, and we are happy to give extra Premium time if complications arise.

Is Premium refundable?

No, Premium is not refundable. This is mostly because Premium is a subscription service where costs are put into running and maintaining the bot. If you are unsatisfied with Premium, please let us know on the support server, and we can talk things out.

An extra note...

Premium is not finished! Not all features are available yet, but they will be in time. Feel free to subscribe now to see what's available and support the development of Engauge.

Moreover, benefits are subject to change. What you see here is not final.