Frequently asked questions

What is Engauge?

Engauge is primarily a service allowing you to gauge and reward member participation in your Discord server. It has a minimal presence in your server, and is largely configurable and navigable from this website.

However, Engauge's purpose may change over time; that is, it may be expanded with new primary features in the future.

What are the commands for Engauge?

Check out this page for a list of commands.

I added Engauge to my server, but it's not doing anything. What do I do?

If you are a server administrator, go to the dashboard and edit your server. From this page, you can customize experience points, clear member scores, set up roles, and view the leaderboard.

If you are a user in a server with Engauge, use the e!stats somewhere acceptable to view your statistics. This will also provide a link to the server's leaderboard.

I added Engauge to my server, but it's not showing up in my dashboard. What do I do?

Sometimes, Engauge will not update your dashboard when it is added to a server. If this issue happens, try the following:

  1. Send a message somewhere Engauge has read access
  2. Run the e!stats command somewhere Engauge has read & send access
  3. Check to make sure Engauge is online in your server
  4. If these steps fail, please join our support server to seek help

Why isn't Engauge tracking my voice minutes?

There are a few reasons Engauge may not be tracking your voice minutes. To start, we must discuss one major concept Engauge uses to track voice minutes: "voice audibility."

You are "audible" if you are...

Moreover, Engauge updates your voice stats when you go from being audible to no longer being audible. For example, your voice minutes will update when you leave a voice channel, mute, deafen, move channels, etc. The only exception to this concept is e!stats. Every other leaderboard/stats menu will not update until you become not audible. Thus, if you think your stats aren't updating, first try muting or rejoining your voice channel.

If this still doesn't work, ensure Engauge can see the voice channel you're in, by making sure it can read the category the channel is in. You can guarantee this by giving Engauge the Connect permission on the voice channel you're in, or giving Engauge the Administrator permission. If none of these work, join our support server for more information.

I don't see everyone on my server's leaderboard. Where are they?

Engauge adds members to a server's leaderboard as they are active. This means that you must send a message or participate in a voice channel before your membership is acknowledged. Then, you will appear on the server's leaderboard. Keep in mind, however, that server administrators can clear your statistics at any time, so you may abruptly lose your statistics.

Some stats weren't tracking for some period of time. Why?

Engauge is not in a stable state right now, and as such, any updates to the bot are propagated over every server as I make them. Consequently, based on the way the bot updates voice minutes, this will reset the amount of time you have been in a voice channel up to that point if they have not already been logged. To mitigate this issue, mute your microphone (on Discord) semi-frequently to update minutes.

This issue will be largely fixed when Engauge is moved onto a dedicated server.

Engauge is missing feature X, or feature Y is broken.

Please visit our support server! We are seeking feedback and suggestions to Engauge's service.

My server's statistics appear to have been wiped. What happened?

This could be one of the following:

  1. A server admin cleared stats. If this was done accidentally, see below.
  2. Engauge was removed from the server. Engauge automatically cleans up servers from its databases when it leaves servers.
  3. Engauge was being misused in the server. Engauge admins hold every right to clear your server's data if you misuse the service.
  4. Data corruption. Engauge isn't perfect, but this could happen in an extremely rare case.

By any case, you should visit the support server to get personalized help.

I reset my member's stats, but their roles remain. How do I reset them?

Currently, the best way to do this is to manually recreate the roles and delete the old ones, then re-set them through the server configuration panel. In the future, a feature is planned to automatically wipe users who received the role by means of leveling up.

Engauge isn't giving roles to those who level up high enough. Why?

This is likely due to the fact Engauge is missing the manage roles permission, or the role Engauge has is not high enough in your role hierarchy. Go to your server settings and move Engauge's role above the roles you want to give. This will allow for role rewards to be given.