While Engauge is largely controlled from the web dashboard, there are a number of commands you can use in your servers to fetch information immediately or perform actions.

e!stats user Optional

View the stats of yourself or another user.

This will display a small card containing member stats like messages sent, voice minutes logged, experience, level, and more. When user is left unspecified, the command will show the stats of the user that sent it. You can send a mention, name, or ID for user.

Examples: e!stats e!stats @voximity e!stats voximity e!stats 80047598504783872

e!rank user Optional

View the rank card of yourself or another user.

This will display a configurable card with level and rank of the specified user. Premium users will be able to configure the layout and colors of this card.

Examples: e!rank e!card @voximity e!rankcard voximity e!rank 80047598504783872


View the top 8 members of the server's leaderboard.

This will display a small leaderboard of the top 8 members in your server. Included is a link to the leaderboard on the website, which will show all members. You can click on each member's name to get more information on their unique profile.


Show a few helpful details about Engauge.

Generally the go-to command, this command shares a little about Engauge, linking to the leaderboard and server settings as well as this page for new users.


Claim a crate that appears in chat.

When a crate drops in your server, you can run this command to claim the crate.

e!pay mention amount

Send some currency to another user in the server.

When Economy is enabled and currency transfer is enabled in your server, users will be able to transfer currency between each other, allowing them to pay each other for their actions.

Examples: e!pay @voximity 250


Obligatory ping command. Every bot needs one!

If you aren't sure if Engauge is running, run this command. If everything goes as planned, Engauge will ping or pong back to you.

Examples: e!ping e!pong

e!give mention amount xp, levels, or currency

Give or take XP or levels from the mentioned user.

When this command is run, Engauge will give or take XP or levels from the user as specified. This command requires the Manage Server permission, the same permission required to access the server settings page. You can also omit the type of thing to give and instead put your currency symbol before the amount to give/take currency.

Examples: e!give @voximity 2 levels e!take @Tom Smith 500 xp e!give @Njnia E$100


Are your roles not updating? Run this command to fix them.

When your level roles do not update properly/someone manually changes them, you can run this command and Engauge will check your roles and update them accordingly.