Engauge NFT Platform (April Fools)

A new way to support your communities and your favorite bot

voximity 1 APRIL 2022

Today, I'm excited to announce the launch of the Engauge NFT platform. This exciting new feature will allow you to support your favorite communities and Engauge at the same time.

We'll be dropping 10,000 various Engauge avatars in different colors, orientations, and backgrounds. It's gonna be awesome. You'll also be able to turn your server leaderboards into NFTs and sell them in exchange for some Engauge XP, as we'll handle all the monetary stuff for you.

Keep in mind that this feature is a work in progress! We're still working out the kinks and we encourage you to reach out to us and let us know your thoughts or any improvements or suggestions in our support server.

Ready to give it a go?

Click NFTs on the header above to see what it's all about! We hope you're as excited about this feature as we are. :)

Posted April 1, 2022 at 07:47 PM