Engauge is a Discord bot allowing you to gauge and reward member participation on your servers. It was conceived in early 2020 when a friend of mine who had just started a new server requested "MEE6, but with voice XP too." I set out to create this bot and got a prototype down and working in around 24 hours under the name "Leeky," named after the server it was created for. I quickly realized that the concept had potential, so I continued to work on the bot, extending its functionality.

Shortly after, I renamed the bot to Engauge, knowing "Leeky" was too informal and inappropriate considering the professional feeling Engauge is meant to deliver. I changed the name to Engauge as a portmanteau of "engage" and "gauge," the two major features of the service. I developed the logo right after, which solidified the project's color scheme and leveling concept: an E with an arrow pointing up, representing level ups and increased engagement.

The early versions of Engauge were very barebones. The settings page had three options, each role had one, and there were no such things as "crates" or "economy." Set out to make the project usable by anyone, I begun to advertise it on bot listing platforms with hopes of receiving suggestions and other valuable information to extend Engauge into world domination into a widely-used, user-friendly and powerful leveling bot.

Engauge remained a hobby project of mine through the summer of 2020, before my job started to kick in and I was back at school. Engauge was in a solid state when it began to slow down miserably, and my lack of time and motivation prevented me from going anywhere. I'd never expected the bot to reach a point where there was so much activity that the infrastructure running it could literally not keep up. The code I'd written to support one server was no longer working for the hundreds of servers that were using it. It was time for a rewrite.

Admittedly, I didn't finish the rewrite until January of 2021, but by the end, I'd fully rewritten the bot, website, and migrated the database. Engauge came back better than ever, with more features and much more satisfying uptime and speed.

Today, Engauge is in over 400 servers, and is still growing bit by bit. I'd say its users are relatively satisfied with the product they have, and I'm looking to add more when I am not busy. Compared to other leveling bots on the market, Engauge is definitely my favorite. I may be just a bit biased, but I think it's come a long way. You should give it a try!


Created by voximity


Creator, programmer, designer, procrastinator

Tom Smith

Head of Engauge Team, moral support, bug testing, infinite patience


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The reason Engauge exists, "MEE6 but with voice XP"

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