Gauge user participation and reward it on your Discord server




Engauge has a competitive leveling system. Your server members earn experience points when they interact with your server. The leveling system is configurable through our dashboard.



Engauge's presence is completely configurable through our sleek web dashboard. Control experience, levels, roles, members, and more.



Every server gets its very own leaderboard. The leaderboard ranks members by their level. Track who is putting in the most activity. You can even import your leaderboard from existing leveling bots like MEE6.



Engauge allows you to create custom loot crates that drop XP when certain things happen, like messages sent, users joined, and more. Choose what the crate should look like, where it should go, how much to give, how long it should last, and more.



Assign roles to give when users hit a certain level. Reward users for their activity, encouraging member engagement. Customizable role behavior, such as level, experience multipliers, and role stacking.



Engauge is being expanded and improved every day. Not seeing a feature you'd like? Check in with us on our support server and give us some feedback!

Leaderboards for all

When you add Engauge to your Discord server, a leaderboard is created for your server. Whenever someone sends a message or logs time in a voice channel, they earn experience. Check out all the rankings from your server's leaderboard, any time you want. All members of your server are free to visit the leaderboard as they please.

Reward your members for their activity

Roles are highly configurable with Engauge. Configure them to be given at certain levels, override their level messages, enable experience multipliers (great for Boosters), disable stacking with higher rewards, and more.

Control every aspect in the dashboard

The dashboard allows you to make changes to Engauge in your server. Control experience amounts, experience multipliers, level messages, experience formulas, custom XP crates, and much more from our sleek server dashboard.

All the little details are yours

Individually control every member's level and experience. Apart from normal configuration, server administrators can control how Engauge views every member in a server. You can also import existing levels from bots like MEE6.

Our users

Engauge is unique in its own way. It may not have every feature, but the developer is more than competent of his work, and can easily implement any suggestions. The bot has a very user friendly dashboard, and so far a good amount of customization. Can't wait for what comes up next!


I tried many leveling bots but nothing was like Engauge! Users engage more often in my server's voice and text channels just to get XP points. On top of that, you get a super easy to use dashboard and a user leaderboard. It's the perfect tool if you want your server to grow!

Judge Predator

I have been searching and testing other activity reward bots and this has been the best of all, very simple and easy to use with excellent features. I recommend 100%.